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"I'm not traveling to avoid responsibilities, but to have real ones"

I’m Riccardo, born 1988, and grew up in the Province of Bergamo, Italy.
I got a diploma in Agricultural Science in 2007 and few years later I got a diploma as Sound Engineer (yes, the guy who moves faders at concerts).

Since I was a boy I’ve always been interested in travels; watching the maps or pictures from faraway places it was just exciting for me.
My very first long travel was in 2012 when I did a long roadtrip in California, with a couple of friends, driving for 5.000 km in 23 days.
It’s been short and intense, but I definitely felt in love with discovering new places every day, traveling with just few things fit in the backpack.
In the next years I did other travels around Europe and again in the States.

But it wasn’t enough.

At the end of 2013 I started to think about traveling in Australia, doing a long travel – at least one year – alone. Since that time I wanted to travel slowly, going literally inside the life of other countries, of the world.
After I got the Sound Engineer diploma in 2015 I resigned from my job and, in September, I took a flight to Perth, Western Australia, for my first Working Holiday experience.
I travelled in that country for one year, working, meeting people, laughing and crying and driving for more than 22.000 km to see all that amazing red island.
After that year, before coming home, I visited Vietnam and Cambodia, traveling with buses and trains this time.

In 2017 I left Italy again and I went to live&travel for one year in New Zealand, with another Working Holiday Visa; then I moved to South America, where I traveled alone for almost three months between Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, before going back home again.

Now my plan is not to stop, but to see more. I don’t know what will be my next stop yet, nor when. But I’ll figure out something in the next future.

I decided to make this site, first to share my travels, and then because maybe it can help people who need information about the places I’ve already visited, and to help people who need an inspiration to travel slowly and for a long period, or another confirmation, after all the other amazing travel bloggers, that yes, you can do it if you really want to.

In the blog you can find Diaries from my travels and Travel Tips, on the side there are Galleries – photography is another main passion for me – which give you a real image to the stories of the blog, and they will be constantly updated.

This ain’t my job, it’s just my favourite thing. My dream is not to put flags on the map or make “travel records”. My dream is just to visit the most of the world in the next years, only for myself, to explore places I always dreamed about and increase my experience every day. Painting this map will be only a funny consequence.

Join me virtually in my travels, if you like.


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