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In Mui Ne (Vietnam) you will get a fine

Leggilo in Italiano It’s well-known that the human beings are greedy. And, unfortunately, in the less-developed countries it’s common to find people who try to sell you everything with inflated prices. For example in the markets you will visit in Africa, Middle East, India, or in the other poor countries, you will always have to […]

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Leggilo in Italiano I took a bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. The first thing you can notice after passing the boarder is the quiet. Cambodians don’t continue to use their horns like Vietnamese. In Vietnam, after few days, I started thinking that their motorbikes were powered by the constant […]

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Vietnam, Travel diary

Leggilo in Italiano After two very uncomfortable flights from Sydney and Kuala Lumpur, we finally landed in Hanoi, Vietnam. First impact with Vietnam was scorching. Once we left the air conditioned airport, we received a punch from humidity and hot weather. They won’t abandon us in the whole month in Indochina. We spent two days […]

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