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Category: New Zealand

Adventure at Auckland Airport

Leggilo in Italiano My South American adventure started in Peru, more precisely from Lima, its capital. I knew it would be difficult to organize travels and stuff alone, without knowing Spanish very well, but I never expected to have the first break of balls already at Auckland Airport. Here is the latest New Zealand act: […]

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New Zealand – South Island

Go to the North Island Leggilo in Italiano Roadtrip at the antipodes My roadtrip on the New Zealand’s South Island started in Christchurch in mid-September. The capital of Canterbury has been hit hard by some earthquakes between 2010 and 2011, and the signs are still visible everywhere. There is no way without construction sites or [...]
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New Zealand – North Island

Leggilo in Italiano A journey in the Middle Earth After five months working in Auckland, I finally started the New Zealand's North Island road trip in mid-April. For this tour I decided to hire a vehicle rather than buy it (as I did, however, in Australia), because I knew I would not be around more [...]
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