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Category: New Zealand

Adventure at Auckland Airport

Leggilo in Italiano My South American adventure started in Peru, more precisely from Lima, its capital. I knew it would be difficult to organize travels and stuff alone, without knowing Spanish very well, but I never expected to have the first break of balls already at Auckland Airport. Here is the latest New Zealand act: […]

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New Zealand – South Island

Leggilo in Italiano Roadtrip at the antipodes My roadtrip on the New Zealand’s South Island started in Christchurch in mid-September. The capital of Canterbury has been hit hard by some earthquakes between 2010 and 2011, and the signs are still visible everywhere. There is no way without construction sites or orange cones, and in the […]

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New Zealand – North Island

Leggilo in Italiano A journey in the Middle Earth After five months working in Auckland, I finally started the New Zealand’s North Island road trip in mid-April. For this tour I decided to hire a vehicle rather than buy it (as I did, however, in Australia), because I knew I would not be around more […]

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