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Roadtrip in the South West

A week in the lonely South West. Leggilo in Italiano In februrary 2016 me and L. have bought “Betsy”, a Nissan Terrano, an old 4WD made in 1990, giving 3.800 $. It had 338.800 Km. We went in few shops around Perth, like Kmart, IKEA and Bunnings, to buy the stuff we needed to build […]

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BACKPACK 1 – How to choose your new backpack

Leggilo in italiano When I speak about my travels, a lot of people ask me what I bring with me in the backpack. Well, when you got experience you learn to bring only the necessary stuff with you, leaving the useless objects at home. It’s been the same for me. I went in Australia with […]

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Perth diary

Leggilo in italiano THE BEGINNING I’ve landed in Perth, capital of Western Australia, on 25 of September 2015. It was my very first day of my very first long travel abroad, alone. I relearned english in the months before watching movies and series with original language. But, after the first days, this seemed not enough. […]

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