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Argentina (II Part)

Leggilo in italiano Metropolis and waterfalls I arrived in Buenos Aires 56.5 hours after leaving the distant Ushuaia. From the 15°C of the southernmost city in the world, I got off the bus and found 25 in the Argentine capital city. The huge Retiro station (more than seventy bus docks) is located in a neighbourhood […]

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Leggilo in Italiano On the 8th of November I took a bus, with the Bolivian company Trans Copacabana, from Puno (Peru), headed towards the government centre of Bolivia, La Paz. About five minutes after the departure I noticed that it was raining inside, exactly above my seat and my head. The water was filtered in […]

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Leggilo in Italiano Travel in the Inca Empire I landed in Lima at the same time and on the same day of my departure from Auckland, at 6pm on October 19th, thanks to the different time zones. The Peruvian capital immediately presented itself to me with its main characteristic: the incredible traffic and the numerous […]

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