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Your Working Holiday is finished, don’t forget to claim your tax back.

Once you finished your Working Holiday, before leaving the Country you can claim the tax back you payed during the year, or part of them.

To do it you can go to the ATO office (Australian Taxation Office), or do it in a more comfortable way on their site (https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Lodging-your-tax-return/), using the app MyTax.

First you have to sign up to another site, MyGov https://my.gov.au/ which is useful also to check your Medicare.

To claim your tax you need your TFN and the pay sheets – the most important is the last one – of all the jobs you did during the year.

Once you signed up to the site, you’ll speak with an operator by phone and they give you a code that you need to complete the access to the site.

Then you just have to complete the forms with the details you have on your pay sheets.

Done, in few weeks you’ll get your money back on your bank account.australia tax back

You can claim your money between 1st of June and 31st of October, and the financial year that you’re “claiming” is the last 1st July – 30th June.

You can also ask to some agencies to do the “Tax Back” for you, but then they will ask you a percentile of your money.

I think it’s a waste of money, if I did it alone with the web site, you can do it too.

By the way, for any doubt you can go to the nearest ATO office.

The last thing you can do is to claim the money that you payed to a Superannuation Fund during your works.

You can apply to this refund ONLY when you left Australia definitively and you won’t work there anymore.

When you get a job they will ask you which Superannuation Fund you want to give your money to, but usually they propose you their favourite Fund, as you probably don’t have any favourite Australian Super Fund. It would be weird if you already have one.

They should give you all the info about the Fund, with your Member Number and all the Fund contacts, that you’ll need for the application.

So finally you can apply for this refund here https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Super/In-detail/Withdrawing-and-paying-tax/Super-information-for-temporary-residents-departing-Australia/.

When the Fund and the ATO have checked your application, they’ll send you a check to your home (I mean your “home home”).



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