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Working Holiday Australia: Part 3 – How to get a job

So, you got the Working Holiday Visa, you did all the paperwork, now you have to get a job.

First of all you need a resume, a curriculum.

Now, I don’t even know the way to make a perfect resume, I left a hundred of them and I got five jobs. Some employers could think that a resume is good and some others could throw it away, or vice versa.
Also you have to think that employers pile tens of resumes every week, and probably in that pile there are resumes worst than yours, but also better ones.
So, you need some luck and you have to be noted.


First of all, you should give the resume directly to the Manager, or the staff manager, and not to the first employee you meet in the place. For example, if you want to work in a bar, ask to talk with the manager and give the resume to him/her, don’t leave it to the first barista you meet because there is always a bit of competition, and they can just throw it away to don’t risk to lose their job.

Then, cheat. Not too much. Don’t lie saying that you made a space rocket (if you didn’t), but maybe there was that summer job you did for few weeks, years ago, and it can become magically a job you did for three months. It has more sense to be mentioned in your resume.
Again, try to write that you are very precise, tidied up and fast learner in every task; employers expect this kind of stuff, and probably they’re born welcome to australia job signbefore you, they’re not stupid, but obviously they want to read this skills and not that you spend all your days playing videogames.

For the form, try to be short and don’t exceed the two pages. Don’t use too sophisticated words, neither too banal.
Then you should make a Cover Letter, where you present yourself in a more colloquial way.
There are many sites where you can find forms and models to write your resume, just type “australian resume example” on Google. Easy.

Once you made your resume, you need to deliver it around. The best way to do it is to give it to the manager personally and then call them back few days later. They will think you are very interested in the job, and they’ll notice that.

Another way to find a job is with the online ads or the Working Hostels boards. Well, for this there’s not so much to say, you just need to check the boards and answer to the employers ads.
For the online ads, however, I can suggest you a couple of sites:

Gumtree: https://www.gumtree.com.au/

Seek: https://www.seek.com.au/

On these sites you can sign up and create a personal profile, where you can upload your resume and cover letter, so it will be easier sending them by email or answer to the ads.
Also you can make your own ad for seeking a job.
I found my barista job in Perth answering to an ad on Gumtree and sending my resume there.

If you don’t want to work in town but you want to try the farm experience, to do the famous “88 days”, or just because you’d like it, in addition to those sites there is also the one created by the Australian Government: https://jobsearch.gov.au/harvest

On this site you can download “Harvest Trail”, a PDF guide which tells you exactly which is the best season to find a farm job for each region, and what crops are grown during all the year. Amazing.

Better is your English faster you can get a job. If you don’t speak a good English probably you should go in a farm first, or if you want to stay in town you can searching for kitchenhand, removal jobs or constructions. In these jobs you don’t need to speak a perfect English, especially at the beginning.

While I’m writing this post the minimum pay rate per hour is 18,29 AUD.



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